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September 4, 2019

Cloudy Skies

I am a big fan of detail shots – pictures that are up close and personal. I often don’t realize just how many detail pictures I take until I look back through my images. I’ve been challenging myself to take more photos from a distance and to look for the beauty of the whole.

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday is a photo that always brings a smile to my face. My husband and I were out on our local golf course enjoying a round together. The weather was perfect. Upper 70s, sunny, a slight breeze.

It felt like we were the only two people on the course. We couldn’t see anyone on the hole ahead of, nor behind us. This allowed us to relax more than usual during the game. We took our time with each stroke, and enjoyed the beautiful day with one another. We jammed out to classic rock in the golf cart and may have even snuck in a few hard lemonades (shhh!).

On hole 5, my husband teed off with an amazing shot! I was tracking the ball in the air for him and noticed the clouds. They looked like they were straight from a children’s book. Perfectly fluffy cotton balls. I quickly snapped this picture before it was my turn to tee off.

This image could have been taken anywhere in the world. It’s special to me because I know it was taken in my hometown standing next to the person I love the most.

If you want to download any past wallpapers, check out my Pinterest board here.

Happy Wallpapering!



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